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Lightweight Suitcases For The Unanticipated Trip

If you love to travel to Norway and you are frequent flyer, you know the drill when it comes to taking a trip for either business or vacation. Booking accommodations and tickets in advance, planning your itinerary, and coming up with a detailed daily schedule is the standard operating procedures. However, every once in a while you’ll experience going on unanticipated trips. Being flexible is key, and yes, a versatile suitcase would come in handy.

Advantages of Lightweight Suitcases

Lightweight suitcases have several benefits which prove to be more useful, especially for unanticipated trips. More often than not, when your trip is unplanned, you also get no chance to thoroughly think about the things that you need to pack. As a result, you may even have to pay excess baggage fees at the airport and heavy luggage won’t help in this scenario. With lightweight suitcases, however, you are somehow alleviated from excess baggage fees, even if you pack a little more than necessary.

Lightweight suitcases are also designed for air travel, providing you with the convenience of not having to worry about whether your luggage will meet airline restrictions. Oftentimes, they also fit the overhead cabins, freeing you with the trouble of having to check in your luggage before the flight, and waiting for it in the baggage claim belt before you leave the airport. This will save you a significant amount of travel time.

Finally, lightweight suitcases are a healthier option. This is because you will greatly reduce the strain on your shoulders and muscles when you have to lift your suitcase up compared to a heavier one which requires more strength when lifted. In addition to this, you will also greatly reduce the risk of muscle fatigue brought about by carrying heavy items such as your luggage, when you use a lightweight one. The ergonomic design of the handles also makes it easier for you to maintain your posture as you lounge your luggage around the airport.

A suitcase is a rectangular-shaped type of luggage that’s usually made of vinyl, plastic, cloth, leather, and metal. It is meant to carry your clothes and other personal items while traveling and it’s considered lightweight if it only weighs 5 pounds or less. Compared to other types, a lightweight suitcase allows you to pack more items, but still comfortable to bring anywhere. There are a variety of styles to choose from, depending on your specific budget.

Let’s take a look at these lightweight suitcases that are an indispensable companion when going on an unplanned trip.

1. Luggage With Fiberglass Frame

This type of suitcase is perfect for air travel, but also great for land or sea trips. It usually weighs around 3.8 pounds and the polyester shell protects it from damage and tears. This two-wheel carry-on has a soft and wide grip-handle with silent wheels that glide smoothly and very easy to maneuver. It also has adjustable straps and mesh-lined compartments.

2. Pure Polycarbonate Luggage

This specific kind has a hard-shell case and features lightweight wheels which makes it easy to bring anywhere, whether you’re traveling by air, land or sea. It’s purely made of polycarbonate material which is known for its durability, flexibility and being lightweight. 

3. Duraguard-Coated Luggage

This type features expandable sides of up to 2 inches and very lightweight at just 5 pounds. It’s made of high-grade nylon material, features a softshell case and boasts of a roomy compartment. Its Duraguard coating and H20 guard makes this type of lightweight suitcase waterproof and very resistant to stains. In the handgepäck koffer bestseller list for 2020, this type of luggage made it to the top because of its impeccable features that best complement traveling.

4. Suitcase With 360-Degree Spinner Wheels

This type of suitcase weighs just around 5.5 pounds and provides ample flexibility. Its spinner wheels offer superior mobility and it easily glides in any direction. A great feature of this suitcase is its interior storage pockets which allow you to organize your wardrobe and expandable, too.

5. Telescopic Retractable Handle Suitcase

Aside from being very lightweight, at just around 3.8 pounds, this type also, features a telescopic retractable handle which gives you a selection of height stops according to your preference.  The polyester fabric makes this suitcase resistant to dirt and repellant to rain. It also comes with elastic compression straps and front-zippered pockets.

Unanticipated trips can’t be avoided and there will be times when you will have to grace through it. While it could create unnecessary stress or trouble on your part, it doesn’t have to be the case. Sometimes, unexpected trips turn out to be the best ones!

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